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Jolly Phonics Teacher Orientation Training

Welcome !

You may do the Jolly Phonics Teacher Orientation course now. This course can be done by anyone worldwide.

This course :
# is an online course.
# is self paced and the number of days to do the course will depend on you. However, as 'sound' practice is needed so it cannot get over before ten days.

The content of this course includes -
* exposure to Jolly Phonics 42 sounds
* exposure to blending of Phonics sounds
* Jolly Phonics Actions
* Jolly Phonics Activity sheets
* exposure to Jolly Phonics books (you will need to buy the original books separately)
* exposure to Say-It Test videos for children
* submission of assignment

Post completion you may :
* teach children, conduct vacation classes and coach mothers
* post details about your classes on our concerned facebook groups / pages.
You may seek guidance on topic wise workbooks and flash cards that you may use to teach in your classes.

The total one time fee is Rs 1499 or USD 29. This fee is valid for a limited period only, and is currently valid.

You will get "Jolly Phonics Teacher Orientation" certificate, only after successful completion of the course.

Next steps for you to do the course :

Step 1 : Send us your details

Details to be sent are : Name, complete postal address with PIN / ZIP,

telephone number, email ID and scanned copy of graduation certificate

Click & Send your details

Step 2 : Proceed to pay

Course fee is one time payment of Rs 1,499 or USD 29

If you are unable to pay online do let us know we will guide you appropriately.

PROCEED to pay Rs 1499

PROCEED to pay USD 29


Step 3 : Receive communication from us and start the course accordingly

Note : Like one and all teachers / trainers of Jolly Phonics in India and worldwide, we operate independent of Jolly Learning. Our objective is Phonics literacy for one and all. We do not believe that only one company or one type of teachers / trainers know and can teach Phonics best.